Camila by Camila Cabello - Album Review


Hi Babes,
Long time no talk! Glad to be back with some new and fresh music reviews!
Actually, I was very excited for Camila's new album after hearing Havana for the first time. As I dived into the album I expected a lot for some reason, however, I didn't fully get "that" excitement. Actually, I started to feel something only when "She Loves Control" turned on. The drum, the beat just made me want to move instantly. I love the idea of women having power and control over every aspect of their life. I love this song, #girlpower! ;)

After that "Real Friends" was the other song that caught my attention. The lyrics are just everything to me. Actually, this track is just something that I would usually cover. We'll see!

You can listen to Camila's album here:

Stream it, buy it and show your support of this young talented woman! :)

Altogether I think it is a great first album and I'm positive we will see amazing things from Miss Cabello, and I'm all for it! What do you think of the album? Do you have any favorite songs?