New Original Song Release - I'm a Survivor

Oh my goodness, I cannot hold my excitement! I'm thrilled to share with you this little song that I composed during this hard period of my life. I honestly hope it will help you just as much as it helped me.

At the same time, it is really nerve-wracking to put myself out there, as I haven't released a song in 4 years (which is ridiculous I know) therefore, please be gentle with the comments. This song means a lot to me. 

Most importantly, remember to be positive and to never give up. To be a Survivor during the hard times and a Conqueror in all areas of your life!

If you'd like to read the lyrics, please scroll down 🙂 

I'm a Survivor
Written by Mia Baté 
Eye's on the prize
Though a little scared
Don't know what I've got
Coming over me
Lately I
Lost myself
But no more time
I raise white flags
I'm a survivor, I'm gonna make it
Break down the firewalls
And then prevail
What's thrown in my way
Can't dissuade me
From being myself
I'm a survivor I'm gonna make it
Winners take it all
What we've been told
Then why did I
Just prove you wrong?