26 Things I Wish I Knew Before My 26th

My birthday has passed in not such a good mood as I was sick, but luckily I'm coming out of it! This doesn't mean I'm going to let this push me down, but I get up with my head held high and some positivity which I will convey to you right now.

Life is a messy thing we all know it. People are trying to find themselves, sometimes we definitely don't have a freaking clue what we are doing 😃 So here are some things that I have learned, well rather experienced and tried to learn from it during my few years on Earth.

I hope it will give you something to think about or at least to laugh about 😃

  1. There's life after high school. For real.
  2. When you are a kid, you think your Mom is the "enemy" who doesn't let you live, but actually, she will become your closest and very best friend.
  3. Listening to music is not a hobby. Everybody does it.
  4. The best friendships are the ones when you can continue talking after years and years of not doing so, like nothing really changed.
  5. Even if it hurts, sometimes you just need to let go of certain people.
  6. Finding true love is definitely possible.
  7. Being healthy and fit doesn't necessarily means skinny/bony.
  8. Being kind and nice to somebody is actually like lubricating your own soul with honey. 
  9. If it doesn't feel right in the gut, then probably it isn't.
  10. Persistence will pay off.
  11. Forgiving is so damn hard, but it is the only way to move on.
  12. Saving money is fun! *ka-ching*
  13. The workplace is not your second home and your colleagues are not your best friends. You can be friends with them and have meaningful relationships but learn to separate.
  14. Planning is awesome but it's not enough. You gotta do, do, do and do it!
  15. Just because you're not doing the dishes, they won't go away.
  16. Flying is not that terrifying. So you shouldn't have slapped yourself during your first time, even if it was to stop you from crying. *true story*
  17. No hairdresser can get your hair exactly the way you want it. Noone. So stop trying to get that ombre effect or to be blonde or those highlights whatever. Because you will still end up with green hair once in a while. *again... true story*
  18. Surprisingly London is not that rainy after all.
  19. Don't scroll back on your Facebook. Please... just don't. You don't want to fall down that rabbit hole, do you?
  20. Arguing face-to-face with somebody and calling them out is not always the best idea, but it is the most straightforward and effective. But for your own sake, damn it girl, learn how to do it properly!
  21. If something makes you cry and hurts you, you need to learn from it and don't let it push you down.
  22. It is always good to have a cigarette-lighter on hand, just in case.
  23. There's no such thing as having enough phone cases.
  24. Cup-A-Soup's are lifesavers.
  25. Having an outrageous burst of laughter at the workplace actually, helps not to give a damn.
  26. You are going to miss being a kid.

So there you have it! What are your snippets of wisdom? Don't forget to share it with me.