I've Never Thought That This Could Happen: I WAS ON TV!

Hey there babes! I still can't wrap my head around what happened 2 days ago at M2 Petőfi TV, Hungary. This is so unreal! Therefore I put together a small vlog with some behind the scenes footage to grant you an insight because I still cannot describe this feeling properly with words. Enjoy! *post continues under the video*

Some people asked me whether I was nervous. Well, regarding the performance part, not at all, because you know that I live for this *basically* but regarding the interview, hell yes! I'm not really a man of words, or should I say woman 😉 so I cannot really express myself in situations like these *too much uhms*. But the Heavenly Father blessed me this day and I did okay... C'mon I did great! 😃

Also, my tonsils were literally inflamed, burning, hurting and making a fuss like a child. It was such a struggle and I couldn't really get up, I was in bed almost all day and that was only 2 days before the show. On the video, I believe you cannot see the signs of sickness so this was also a blessing.

Regarding the show, I will make sure to retrieve the complete clip, translate it and upload to YouTube as promised.

More to come, hold on to your weaves babes! 😃 

PS.: If you'd like to listen to the song in full, click here!