October's Favourites: Inecto, Lush, Kabuki Brushes and Carli Bybel

As fall approaches more realistically than ever, I started to prepare for it myself. I have some amazing goodies that I want to share in this "Favourites Series" which is going to be a regular mini-series on my blog/YouTube channel. Let's dive in! If you're interested in some close-ups of a certain product, then you need to check out the section below this video.


As you can see my colour palette couldn't be more autumny: I love browns, pinks, and golds - it makes me feel very feminine, soft and classy.

Inecto Product Line

/DM, Rossmann/


Lush Products



Golden Chokers



Kabuki Brush Set

/Pink Panda/


Carli Bybel Eyeshadow and Highlighter Palette

/Pink Panda/


Lazzarini Bag


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