Moving-Out Day!

Yes, it finally happened! I moved out and moved in with my boyfriend to our little flat. I happily shared that day with you in my short vlog. It's been one and a half week since we've been living there and it got easier for me by the day.

As I implied on my Instagram, separation is very hard for me and I'm lucky enough to say that I have amazing parents who are my team. We stick together no matter what, that is the reason why I've never felt that I should move away from them unless I have a strong reason to do it.

I miss them every day, but I'm glad I made the decision; it's a new beginning!

So here's my vlog, please watch it if you like. 🙆🏽

What I haven't shared is the outcome of the unboxing so scroll down for a panorama of our living room. 😃