Stop Procrastinating Today!

Let me clear something in the first place: I was the queen of procrastination and sometimes I still am. It doesn't matter where you are with your progress of ditching laziness the key is to start. Even if it is a small step every day, start today!

It was not so long ago when I was just fed up with everything and everybody. I was full on unsatisfied and complaining all the time about my circumstances. You know, when you constantly talk about what should be done or how it should be done, how people should act and what they should do. Because hell no, you're not responsible at all. Listen, the only thing you can control is yourself! You cannot change people, you got to change yourself!  You got to dig deep and fight the great fight with yourself, I tell you that.

I'm still working on myself everyday but here is how I started. Since, I was so messed up I didn't even know my priorities, standards and values. So the first step is:


What do you believe in, what do you value dearly? If you can answer these your priorities will fall into place because you will know what is important. You can set up your standards which you would never let go in a million years regardless who wants to make you do that.

For example I needed to come straight with God, because I'm a believer. My value system was not aligned with His at all, so that needed to be fixed. Thus I know who I am and what I want in my life. I set up my values and standards therefore I can prioritise things based on their importance. This gives me the purpose of my life.


I'm not talking about the list that takes forever to make and actually you think that you achieved something just because you wrote down a few points. Nah. I'm talking about a list which you literally put into action. Don't let yourself be fooled.

Do a long term goals list and do a short term one. No need to mix them together because in the end you will be discouraged as you get the impression that you have a hell lot to do so you might just do nothing! *The accuracy though*


Let me introduce you an app that I love so much and it helped me greatly to stop procastinating, get things done and work for my goals. It is called Habitica and it uses gamification to help you accomplish things. Let those be habits you are trying to implement in your life, simple to-do list or daily tasks. You can create your own avatar, you gain experience and gold during your progress and all together it brings you fun and make you wanna tick those boxes. It keeps you in the mood and in the game of life 😉 I'm saving my gold currently to buy a little lion pet *just saying* 💁🏽

Of course in the beginning I took it way too flippantly, I didn't really enter goals, tick them after I came up with a very easy task that had nothing to do with my improvement. Considering my past of being a queen of procrastination, this behaviour was predictable... but seriously you need to give it a chance just as I did. I've been using it for a couple of weeks now and it is game changing, I've got so many things done and I feel really good and proud of myself.

Download it now, you won't regret it I promise! Click here.

I could talk about this topic forever and I'm sure I'm going to have more tips and tricks for you soon. I'll keep you updated! 🙂