London Travel Diary

Going to London is always the utmost fun for me, it is like going home. I become a Londoner every time I visit as I've already experienced all the sights, therefore, I go there to enjoy life. Most people might think I'm literally insane because of all the "facts" you hear about this country.

"Have you tasted their food? It has no flavor!"

"It rains all the freaking time, make sure you got room for your umbrella" 

You know what? I don't care! I'm in love with the food, the weather and foremost with the people. I only met the nicest, most caring and polite people there. Sometimes they do say sorry way more time than they should 🙂 It is such a relief after the mentality of my home country. Literally, I got depressed when we returned!

My purpose other than to enjoy is to visit my best friend who's been living there for quite some time now. I miss her dearly every day! This time I was not alone, I took my boyfriend with me who's never been in the UK and never been on a plane! It was a really great adventure for him as well.

Anyway, this fun little vlog, well not so little sorry, summarizes my experience and fun that I had when I was there. I'm already planning, of course, to go back, it will be my yearly healing, I'm pretty sure.