Mosaiqe Photoshoot

First of all, I'd like to thank you for the amazing reception of this photoshoot and my cute little video. It literally means the world to me! I couldn't stop smiling the day I posted the video because of all the comments you shared. You are really inspiring. I cannot say enough times how thankful I am. Thank you for your continuous support babes ♡

In order to express my gratitude I prepared this post for you where I can share how we took the pictures, what were the settings, the mode; show you a little bit of the editing part and also share with you some of the photos that might not make it to Instagram 😉

So let's begin 💁🏽


We used two cameras, both of them are Canon's: 100D and 1300D with a portrait lens, a fixed 50 mm and a 18 mm-135 mm which we also made the video with. Basically, we switched between the two cameras all the time.

The 50 mm is capable of handling darker periods of the day such as the blue hour, as the aperture can be as low as 1.8. The 18 mm - 135 mm was amazing for the wide-screen photos, getting a grasp of the scenery and of course mainly for the video. Thanks to the STM technology, you cannot hear the sound of the motor as it is focusing. *gem*

Here are a few pictures (unedited of course!) with the exact settings. By the way, we haven't used a reflector/butterfly and still, the pictures came out great!

Shutter speed: 1/80
Aperture: 5.6
ISO: 800
Lens: 18 mm - 135 mm

Shutter speed: 1/1600
Aperture: 4.5
ISO: 800
Lens: 18 mm - 135 mm

Shutter speed: 1/2500
Aperture: 2.5
ISO: 400
Lens: 50 mm



Oh, this is my favorite part! I came to realize that I love post processing so much: trying out filters, experiment with what works and what doesn't. Also, editing the video was a huge bonus and a treat for myself as I haven't done that in a long time - I almost forgot how much I enjoy it.

Not to mention the effect that it had on my personality: I used to be a shy and very self-conscious girl, sometimes I still am... but as my good friend Emi pointed out, I really opened up to the camera and that's a huge thing for me. I didn't realize this until she mentioned. Anyway back to our task 😉

Nowadays I'm mainly using two apps to edit my photos: Darkroom and VSCO. Yes, I edit on my phone but I promise I'm going to try out Lightroom 😍

I use Darkroom for color correction and brightening up my photos. I don't know why, but it brightens the pictures so softly and naturally that nobody could tell you messed up the original settings in the first place 😉 Which is a good thing when you're into night time photography.

Everybody knows VSCO I don't really need to introduce that one to you. Currently, I'm using C2 as my filter and I also love to enhance the earthy colors: beige, brown, orange etc - you get my point. This is my thing at the moment.

On the below pictures you can see my process: the first one is raw, then comes the color corrected after that the filtered one. To be honest I love the simplicity of the color corrected - sometimes we don't need that many filters. That is just overkill *preaching to myself*


So basically this is it! I hope you liked this little summary and now you feel a bit inspired to go out in the golden and blue hour and take some photos yourself. If you do please share them with me I'd love to see! Also, I can share more tips and tricks with you regarding editing, so if you liked that just let me know on Instagram or here in the comments.

Last but not least, a little treat as promised in the beginning - some photos that probably won't be seen on Instagram 😉 Enjoy and once again thank you for your love and support. ♡