My Top 10 Favourite TV Series

I love a good TV series, but honestly, who doesn't? Of course, I made a list of my favorite ones for you to check and maybe get addicted to them 😃 Well not all of them as I listed some very old ones that I loved as a teenager haha... but hey, I just wanted to be very VERY honest 😉

The followings are in random order, not listed based on their importance. If I could I would put them horizontally next to each other because I cannot choose between them.



Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance

I was obsessed with the books of Cassandra Clare, who is the author of the Mortal Instruments book series - among other ones which are absolutely fantastic. I love all things supernatural, as you will see from the rest of the shows, and I also love a good character development. Clary, our girl from next-door will grow into this badass, demon fighting hero who basically vanquishes an unknown world just to save her mom. My other favorite character is Isabelle, who is very sexy and comfortable in her body. You just got to love the sassiness! However in the second season, she went way softer than I expected, also the TV show became very different from the books.



Genre: Comedy

Although this cute series lived only for one season I just cannot stop watching it over and over again. When I have a bad mood I just switch on episode 1 and have a laugh. It discusses a very common issue that our generation has: obsession with social media. Eliza Dooley is a very narcissistic, vapid human being who needs to change and value things in real life as she recognizes: having friends is not the same as being friended. Her companion, Henry is the one who faces the challenge and helps her on the way.


Doctor Who

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Family

Well, I think this is the longest TV show that has ever been broadcasted, it started in 1963! It is British - I love British shows so damn much - so you might not have heard about it. It is supernatural and adventurous. The Doctor can travel through time and space in his Tardis, as he is a Time Lord with two hearts and some impressive brain activity, sometimes handsome sometimes Mr. I'm-Crossing-My-Brows-Because-I'm-Cross. I'm guessing I lost you now. Don't worry, nobody gets my obsession. If you want to check out just one episode to see what these shenanigans are about I can recommend seasons 3 (2007) episode 10 called "Blink" as it can stand alone as a mini movie even.



Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy

Oh man, I was totally in love with Colin Morgan and this was his debut TV series if I remember correctly. This man totally got me hooked on Doctor Who, even though he only appeared in one episode. This show takes a completely new spin on the old tale of Merlin, makes it fun, adventurous and enjoyable. Never a dull moment! If you're into magic, wizards, and dragons I can totally recommend this!  



Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

You just gotta love Benedict Cumberbatch's low, soothing voice! Haha, okay, let's get back to the plot. I've always loved a good investigation story and the excellent master duo of Mr. Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman is definitely a cherry on top! The episodes can stand alone as mini movies as they are quite long but you are not going to fall asleep, I can tell you that! First I was introduced to this TV series through Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffat who are the head writers for the show and terribly talented men.



Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama

We started to watch this series with my boyfriend not so long ago. What really captivated me is the history of our super hero, trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle. Between episodes, we just stopped the whole thing and started to discuss what this or that plot twist is trying to refer to and what is behind the scenes. I definitely love it!



Genre: Crime, Drama, Mystery

This is one of the first TV shows that I just couldn't stop watching. I was in love with Patrick Jane aka Simon Baker, the mystery of tricks and how they are not really real. Again the character development is amazing, the mystery with Red John keeps you on your toes throughout the seasons. Honestly, I stopped watching it at season 5 when the new episodes were still in production, but I will definitely watch the remaining episodes when I will have the time.


Pretty Little Liars

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Romance

I know that the grand finale aired some weeks ago, but I couldn't make it. I think I stopped watching it when Alison returned to the show and saved the girls. I love crime and mystery as you can tell by now and this show totally had it for me. I love Lucy Hale, I knew her before the show from one of her movies that I loved. I wish I could rewatch all episodes because I forgot most of it Lol.


Sonny with a Chance

Genre: Comedy, Family, Romance

Just bear with me for a second! 😃 As a teenager, I really loved Demi Lovato, she was one of my role models! Camp Rock all the way haha. I loved this comedy show it always made me laugh, I would never switch from Disney Channel when this was on. I'm laughing about it now, but this was definitely me 8 years ago. My favorite episode was when they went camping and it turned out that Sonny is a sleep walker, who crashes everything in her sleep. Probably I'm gonna go and rewatch this episode right now 😃



Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Horror

I just started watching this series as Netflix kept it on my recommended list for so long. It is not so bad but I'm dying to know the mystery behind the true identity of the chief police. The show has the element of crime and mystery which keeps it interesting. I'm just a few episodes in and I don't really have time to watch but usually, I end up watching it till 2 am in the morning 🙈 😃 Curse of the Netflix era 😂


I hope you liked my "little" list. If you have any recommendations for TV shows please leave me a comment because I just love to know your favorites! 😉