Becoming Your Own Superhero Bawse

I always like to spell it out how much I love to be inspired and motivated. I put so much emphasis on this topic as these are the things that keep me going, that keeps everybody going! I'm also here to inspire you. That is why I'm bringing this podcast to you, which is basically a video as well but it is so good!

I cannot express how much I love Lilly Singh a.k.a. iiSuperwomanii on Youtube. (Check her out!) I got to know her account this year and boy I'm happy that I have found her. She makes the funniest and most relatable videos on Earth. On the other hand, she makes incredibly inspiring content that makes you seriously think about how you're living your life and how it could be better.

So please, check this video out, presented by the amazing host Lewis Howes! Enjoy this food for the soul!