4 Apps that You Definitely Need to Try!

I always in the search of something new that can motivate and inspire me. I love the fact that we live in a world where everything is in an arm's length through the internet. I gathered some apps that I really love for the fact that they make me productive or they are simply fun to use. I hope you will give them a try and have a great time! 😃


I've already mentioned this amazing application in my Stop Procrastinating Today! post. It helps you get things done in a gamified way. For me, it was literally life changing. For more details make sure to check out my previous post.


Although I haven't used this app that much yet, the first impression was very promising. Basically, the idea is to teach you to play an instrument (guitar, piano, ukulele, and bass) You can be a total beginner or on an intermediate level, this app promises you some improvement and challenge if you are already experienced. First, it tests your current knowledge and then using your phone's or tablet's microphone you can learn alongside the videos and tutorials.


This application scared the *ish* out of me. Using your camera you can scan things in real life which the app looks up online so you can read about them. The crazy thing is that it can even recognize people! Sometimes I'm scared of the fact that we share so many things about ourselves on the internet, you can test this with this app.


I'm sure you've seen people applying the vintage video recorder feel to their videos in Instagram. With this app, you can do it too! You can fine tune how much effect you want on your videos (cracks, grains etc.) and you can also alternate the voice. Have fun 😉