Dangerous Woman by Ariana Grande - Album Review

First of all let me start with the fact that I am a huge Arianator, been following Miss Grande's work since Yours Truly and never left ever since. Of course, this review will be biased! Anyway, my album reviews are here to familiarize certain music rather than criticise anybody's work. Art must be respected, so that is what I am doing here. Also, I am sharing all trivia that I could think of or find in the precious world of the Internet. Let's begin my very first "review".

 Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Dangerous Woman was released on 20th May 2016, with 15 songs + some extras on the special editions with 4 singles and 4 features. It was Ariana Grande's third album, and it has reached 1 billion streams on Spotify after its release.

Ariana's relentless work ethic was shining as she recorded this album while she was still on the Honeymoon Tour, writing together with talents like Victoria Monet and Tommy Brown. The album title was a question mark for months when she ditched the idea to name it after 'Moonlight' which still became the first track on the album. We were speculating until a certain text on a shirt became half visible and we concluded it's Dangerous Woman. It was all confirmed on 22nd of February 2016 *bless*

 Source: www.dangerouswoman.com

Source: www.dangerouswoman.com

The songs convey empowerment, good amount of sass and spoonful of unapologetic vibes. We are in for a treat! My favorite songs are consist of Dangerous Woman, Into you, Side to Side, Everyday, and Bad Decision. But you know I could play all of the songs on repeat for years!

This album definitely marks a new era in Ariana Grande's life and also in ours as fans. This album, without doubt, represents a more mature and grown-up style, which I believe is inevatible as Ari grows as a person. She is definitely a role model.

Here's the release video for the album which made everybody drop their jaw:

If you'd like to listen to the complete album then wait no more and head over to Spotify, you can thank me later for blessing your ears with that heavenly voice!

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