Introductions are so hard...

With that being said, I hope that one day we will meet so we can talk and reading this won't be neccessary. ;)

Hi, I'm Mia and I love music as you might noticed as I'm passionate about leading this blog. I was born in Hungary and currently living there, but I've always loved traveling, that's why I say that London is my second home.

I was raised by Christian parents, which I'm really happy for and proud of, I'm a believer myself and I accepted Jesus as my Lord and Saviour when I was 8.

I love everything that envolves creativity: photography (and the post production!), video editing, filming, composing music etc.

My goal is to inspire and impact people. To help them have a better day, to connect and to see them reaching their goals. I'm always there to give advice even when everything seems lost.

I also love to build community, which is what we are doing here, so please do reach out to me if you feel like, I'm an open book. You can contact me on my socials, linked below, or you can click here and drop me a mail.

Have an amazing day! xx